chairty printable

This week I embraced the cold, by staying in my pajamas, grabbed my paints and let hours pass as I painted little brush strokes of evergreens.  I am really happy with this wreath.  I needed some home decor for winter, not just for the Christmas season, but through January and February.

I wanted this printable to me more simple, and not have lots of words cluttering the broughs of evergreen, and so I had a fun brainstorm on some very powerful one-word sayings.   Love was the first that came to mind, and I totally cheated and added another word.  “Love” sometimes seems like a command, because it is a verb- love that person now!- No, so easy, and not very fun.  But encouraging myself to do things “with love” changes the whole message for me.  So “with love” gets to stay in the group.

with love printable

Faith, hope and charity are all great words too that encourage me to keep going, and do my best.  Not only having faith, hope and charity to God, and others, but to and in myself as well.

faith printablehope printable

Family, was a given, come on you knew it was going to be on the list of words.  There a few other words, such as blissful, believe, and spring.  Because, even though it is winter, spring will come. I hope you are enjoying your winter and that these printables will give you a little something to frame on a shelf or table.

family printable

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