It has already snowed at my house!  The winter season is coming, whether we are ready or not.  Winter for for some of us,  means cold, dark, days that seem to drag on longer than they should. You don’t really want to do anything but sit in cozy clothes and hibernate.

This year is going to be better though.  I am taking winter on, like a challenge.  I plan to do some of the following tips, with my family that have helped others beat the “winter blues”.

  • Daily walks outside, exposing your face to the sun
  • Embracing the season with all its delicious foods- hot chocolate, pumpkin things, and soups will be on my menu
  • Daily Exercise- just a little something to get my blood flowing
  • Music- my pandora is playing all through Christmas, but then come January and February, the silence is suffocating.  This year I am going to keep the music playing during the day.
  • Read uplifting stories and talks.  Again, we do this as a family during Christmas time, why do we stop?

What do you do to beat the winter blues?   Check out this great article to get more ideas on how to embrace winter and enjoy it!


One person that brightens my days, even in the winter is Elder Holland. Don’t we all love him?  He is a ray of divine encouragement and true charity.  He reminds us of the love and support we have in our Savior.  I used two of my favorite quotes for the following printables.

This talk  was given nearly 20 years ago, and is one of the most quoted text from Elder Holland.

He talked of a father walking the long journey to a gas station, while his young family waited in a car on the side of the highway. Elder Holland used this to illustrate how life can be hard, and distressing, but if we trust in God and keep going, good things will come.

Trust in God free printable art of forest animals

I love how this quote reminds us that although the days are short, spring will come….and summer too!  We can look forward to all the beautiful possibilities Christ brings us, when we feel in the dark.  If you haven’t heard this talk in a while, play it while you print out these printables.  It is powerful and well worth your time!

Winter quote, with Elder Holland. In a special Easter day General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Holland gave this message.  He focused his talk on Jesus Christ and the act of the atonement and resurrection of Easter weekend.  Because of this most important event many years ago, we never have to be alone, even if we feel that we are. Jesus walked the path printable

This quote reminds me that if I am on that lonely path, it is because I have chosen to be there.  God doesn’t force or manipulate us to seek him.  He lets us choose if we want his guidance and light in our lives.  Isn’t that great?  It is in our power to choose happiness or sadness. I love that Jesus Christ is there for us, waiting to lift our burdens and that he has the power to give us peace in the midst of trials.

I wish you the best of luck this winter season, and hope it is a little brighter than last year!

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