Oh snap!

You know those days you try your best to accomplish something, but the entire universe is against you, and nothing goes right?

Have you ever had that happen on vacation? I took my family of 4 kids to Florida, as a Potterhead it was my duty to teach them the ways of the wizarding world, and to get them fitted with their wands and clothing. I was so excited.

Big plans of happy faces with butterbeer mustaches were circling in my mind the days and weeks leading up to the vacation. Harry Potter trivia cards were in my pocket for fun line distracting activities, as we felt the excitement that only comes being surrounded by people who are just as excited as you, and then the thrill of the roller coasters!!!

But guess what…

I learned my kids don’t like rollercoasters.

They hate being around dozens of people, and think that waiting in line is torture.

The best thing I can do it is accept that my dream, wasn’t their dream – Oh snap!

I still wanted to enjoy memories with my family, and have a great time. Did I miss the Castle roller coaster, yes, did we leave before the night lights turned on, because they were exhausted, yes. Did we have a lot of fun in the gift shops and seeing the beautiful world we were in, yes! Did we make lasting family memories- yes!

Which leads me to my favorite catch phrase: stay focused.

The point of our trip was to have a fun family memory. If I pushed my agenda on them, I would have lost my goal and created the worst kind of memory- one full of regret, anger, and frustration.

Stay focused.

stay focused quote with head on camera

And of course I had to make another option, because how cute is that rainbow striped strap?! It looks perfect for a summer shelf that needs a little fun color.

stay focused with camera and rainbow strap

I hope you enjoy these printables, and enjoy the summer. Stay focused on the end goal. When life doesn’t happen how you imagined, don’t sweat it, the end goal is what really matters.

PS- I am a ravenlclaw, what house are you?