My mom once asked what my favorite thing about spring was. I told her…it was the chirping of birds. She looked at me like I was crazy and then laughed. She hated bird chirping! She had french doors off of her bedroom that opened to a beautiful patio. A patio that was home to sweet little annoying birds. When they sang her awake with a song, the pillow was thrown. When they reminded her they were there throughout the day, she would beg my dad to do- SOMETHING- anything to get them to stop.

How funny is that, that we both took the same circumstance, and felt completely opposite about it.

Last week, I started singing out load, because I heard a bird.

I sang, “It is going to be spring!” while I danced a little jig and open the window. The birds were chirping!

My mom has since pasted away, and when I made this printable, I felt her roll her eyes. And I giggled.

bird chirping weather printable

Aren’t those little guys so cute! They are still huddled together, because it is still chilly in the air. Wanting to fly, and lose those soft baby feathers, but not quite ready for that chilly wind against their faces.

For now, they will just perch and sing a song, hoping as much and me, that it warms up soon!