Less is more.  I love this way of life and train of thought.  Especially after a whirlwind of Christmas activities.  This week I made printables that will remind you that life is very simple. 

The point of us being on earth is not complicated.  We aren’t here to do a laundry list of activities, lessons, and tasks.  In fact the important things, the things we need to do is surprisingly short.  Extremely short. 

Elder Glen Rudd wrote an article, Keeping the Gospel Simple in 1989.  I think it is even more needed today that 30 years ago.  He talked about a mission president who coined the phrase, “The gospel of Jesus Christ is simply beautiful and beautifully simple”.

gospel is beautifully simple

He gives several examples of how faith, prayer and repentance are examples of simple principles, that if focused on, the details, tasks, and confusion of life can fade away.   

Elder Todd Christofferson quoted “Many things are important but only a few are essential” in this April 2015 Conference address. His talk focused on family and marriage and how these practices are the best learning laboratories. 

many things are important printable

When I see this quote it helps me remember throughout my day to not get worked up about getting to soccer practice on time, getting the cookies made for scouts, folding the mountain of laundry before I get the dinner ready, etc.   I can get so busy, and as a result the “busy” distracts me from the important, essential things in life.  

focus on the significant Uchtdorf

This quote is from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s October 2010 talk, Of Things that Matter Most.  He talks about the rushed pace of a busy life and reminds me that to find JOY in life, we need to focus on the significant.  Looking upward and focusing on Christ will give us a rich and joy filled life.  So True!!  I need this reminder where I can see it daily. 

Could I really make simple quotes without including Alma 37:6-7?  No I could not. 

by small and simple things

It is the small things life faith, and prayer that really bring about the large things of joy and peace in this life. 

I have really enjoyed reading these talks and finding these peace-filled quotes.  I hope they help you remember to take each day at a time and enjoy the simplicity of Christ’s gospel.  

home decor printables

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