My husband loves sandwiches.

Did you know over 300 million sandwiches are eaten in the US every day!! My husband helps keep that number up. When we were newlyweds, I would pack him a lunch, as well as myself, each morning before we went to school and work.

I had to change up my lunch, salads, tacos, leftovers, soup…I can never eat the same thing too much. My husband just wants meat sandwiched between two slices of bread. Each morning, I’d ask what he was feel like having for lunch, and each day he would respond, “a sandwich.”

I must have been in the sandwich mood the other day, because all I wanted to paint was the shine of slice of cheese, the purple of a red onion and the texture of a perfect bun.

painting sandwich

Two of my sons follow in the his footsteps. One has to have peanut and butter and jelly everyday, or he would starve. The jelly must be grape, and the peanut butter must be creamy.

My second son has made sure that my kitchen constantly has crumbs in it, with his daily grilled cheese sandwich.

Their habitual eating drives me crazy sometimes, don’t they get bored of it ever? And then I realized they were just like their Dad, simple guys who just want food they like.

It does make grocery shopping easy too.

sandwiches are bread

Grab your free download, of the sandwich alone and with the quote. I hope it finds a fun area in your kitchen this summer!