I love reindeers.

And so does the rest of the home decor world.  These elegant animals are great for Christmas decor.  My home has a very farmhouse, wood, nature feel and I wanted to make a printable I could add to a shelf or mantel. I have three downloads for you today.  In the download, you can access the printables, which feature Christmas carol lyrics, and the graphic images of each painting I made.

red reindeer silhouette


My first one is the popular silhouette look.  It is simple, yet stunning.  Joy to the World is the perfect song for this dominating image.  JOY to the WORLD people!   I love it.  I love backing the printable with a warm plaid.  What do you think?

Christmas home decor printable

If I am going to make something red, I have to make something green.  Green is my favorite color!  I am a little obsessed with it as of late, and love adding it to my home decor this holiday!  This seemed more of peaceful painting, and so I added lyrics to Silent Night on the printable. Love it!

silent night lyric printable

Now to my favorite.  I told you I have a wood farmhouse feel to my house.  How perfect is this!

stag printable home decor Christmas

I was in love with this stag before I started painting him.  It was one of those time where I knew exactly how I wanted him to look before I even started.  Doesn’t this guy need a spot in your home?  It wasn’t just people who came to see the Savior the night he was born.  These animals knew exactly who their creator was.

reindeer image

This guy is available on his own for downloads too, like the other images.    Click on the blue download box below to get your free copies.  I hope these bring you some joy this Christmas season!  If you have any request for future printables comment below!


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