I am really looking forward to the New Year!

Of course, I have lots of ambitious goals for the new year.

Will I remember them in March?   I can’t promise that, but I  hope so.

To make them last even to…dare I say…August…or even September I made some visual reminders.

thomas s monson quote on goals

I have done the first thing for success, made a goal!  Some years I have skipped the whole, New Year Resolutions, “I don’t want to set myself up for failure“, or I have used “I know I will grow naturally, I don’t need to set a goal to do that!”  or just as bad… “I have a goal in mind, just not on paper yet.”

President Thomas S. Monson gave this great advice in a General Conference talk in 2003, to get a goal, and write it down.  He cautions us to not “fitter away our lives”, I love that word. The future is changing, he says, and we must prepare and plan for our lives.  He also encourages us to live in the present, and learn from our past.  It is a great talk if you need  a little encouragement for your new year!

I love this quote.   I referred to it so much last year, and it is what lead me to publish this blog.  Jody Moore, an LDS Life Coach taught me that EVERYTHING is figure-out-able.

If your washer is broken, like mine was you can youtube it and repair it!  If you want to start a new business, sign up for webinars and learn from others.  Having problems with your marriage, or parenting, it is ALL within our ability to learn.  Which is great news!

Not only because every problem can be solved, but can you imagine how much you will learn when you take this to heart? I have done more in the past year than I thought I could and grown so much because of this truly motivating quote.

to reach a goal you must do things

After I figure out what I need to do to attain my goal, I usually think “but I’ve never done that before”   Obviously!  That is the whole point right?  But sometimes we give that thought power, if I haven’t done it before, then I can’t, I don’t know how (insert previous quote- thank you!)  Richard G Scott, one of my favorite apostles, reminded us in his talk, Finding The Way Back, that we will need to DO things we have never done before, to achieve what we haven’t had before.  Common sense, that is often dismissed when we are pushed more than is comfortable.

This is going on my desk, right next to where I paint most my artwork.  Years ago, I looked to others for validation of my work, “Is it good?…..do you like it?….. how MUCH do you like it…”  after which I would analyze the given answers over and over.   It was exhausting.

I love this quote because Validation is for Parking!  I don’t need other people to validate what I create, or who I am, that is my job.  Create or do what you want because you love it, because it brings you joy.  Work hard, to see what you can accomplish.  Learn more to enhance your mind, and then give yourself the validation you seek.

What are your New Year goals? I hope you can uses these quotes to motivate you forward.

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