You know when you plan to make a Valentines printable, and you get it done a week after the date.

That happened this year. Life happens.

I still wanted to share this mongolia flower printable with you guys.

I listen to Jody Moore, Bold New Mom, if you haven’t heard about this amazing life coach, you have to check out her podcast. It is life changing.

She has taught me so many things, and one of the main lessons I have learned, is:

Love is ALWAYS an option…and it is always the right one.

In our lives we have so many choices, on how we will react to things, how we will feel about situations, how we will talk to and treat those around us.

Love is always an option, and thought it might be hard, it is always the right option.

This scripture says the same thing: Let all that you do be done in love. Thank you Paul, I needed that reminder.

In 1965 There was an article in the local newspaper talking about love. The former president of the church, Pres. Gordon Be. Hinckley shared this expert when talking about love:

“One of the grand errors we tend to make when we are young is supposing that a person is a bundle of qualities, and we add up the individual’s good and bad qualities, like a bookkeeper working on debits and credits.

“If the balance is favorable, we may decide to take the jump (into marriage). … The world is full of unhappy men and women who married because … it seemed to be a good investment.

“Love, however, is not an investment; it is an adventure. And when marriage turns out to be as dull and comfortable as a sound investment, the disgruntled party soon turns elsewhere. …

“Ignorant people are always saying, ‘I wonder what he sees in her [or him],’ not realizing that what he [or she] sees in her [or him] (and what no one else can see) is the secret essence of love.”

I love this! Love is a choice, a verb, and it is a wild ride!

You can read the rest of Pres. Hinckley’s talk, where he shares many stories to illustrate this point, here. I hope you enjoyed your Valentines Day, and chose to love those around you, no matter if they gave you flowers, or even acknowledged the day.