January is cold and wet. I still love it though. I LOVE the start of a New Year. Every year I have made some sort of resolution. There have been Januarys where I purchase new planners, have spreadsheets and apps to track my progress on goals. Other years, I just made a mental note to do something more or less in the future. Either way, I love the internal motivation to grow each year.

This past year I learned about the compounding effect of daily habits.

Daily habits though small can make an extremely big effect on your life! Don’t believe me? Watch this Ted Talk– it is long but amazing!

The basic principle is that if you do one thing each day that is good, such as drinking more water, the effect each day is positive. Over time though the benefits is compounded and your skin is clearer, you have more energy, etc.

On the other side, negative habits done daily, such as drinking soda each day compounds as well. A year of doing these negative habits daily, has an enormous effect on our life.

Now take that information and think about it spiritually. What if you went a year without reading scriptures? What if every day for 365 days, you studied and really engrossed yourself into your scriptures for 15 minutes.

This is what the President of the General Young Men remarked about when he said, “Start now. Live a purposeful life.”

life a purposeful life

“Put the power of the compounding of daily disciplines in place in the important areas of your life.” You can read or watch his entire talk here.

I love that! This year, I am definitely making goals. Big ones! I am making 2019 a purposeful year! Studying the gospel is one of those goals

Last week I was really focusing on pride. Of course I dove into Pre. Ezra Taft Bensons talk. It is one of my favorite talks. It was given in 1989, and back then my mom printed out the talk and laminated a copy for each of us kids. The talk was printed small so it fit in our scripture case.

I can’t imagine why she would give it to us, probably because of my brothers- it would’t have been because of me….wait… I actually don’t remember them getting copy…mmmm

My brilliant mom helped me learn the power of pride. I would read the talk often, usually when I was bored in a church meeting, or early to one with nothing to do.

Pride is competitive, heart-hearted, fault finding, gossiping, murmuring, defensiveness, self-pity, and unforgiving. It is the opposite of love.

Love is the antidote.

Elder Uchtdorf said this in his General Conference, In the Praise of Those Who Save. He talks about how Christ-like love, can mend relationships. It is when we humble ourselves and are brave enough to show love, not pride.

It is such a great talk. I love when he said, “Life is short…regrets can last a long time- some will have repercussions that echo through eternity….set aside pride.”

Thanks for reading and listening to this blog. I really have enjoyed starting it and hope these printable quotes are useful to you and help add beauty to your home. I have one more printable for those minimalist.

Enjoy your New Year!

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