If I was deserted on an island with one food, it would be a lemon. I love lemon flavoring. A scoop of lemon serbet, a dollop of lemon curd, a gulp of fresh lemonade, an entire tray of lemon bars…all good things.

My son and I share this lemon love. He learned how to make lemon bars at age 8 and proceeded to make them a couple times a week.

The rest of the family rolled their eyes at us. We just can’t get enough of this sweet and sour taste!

Lemons also remind me so much of the country. My grandma’s house is literally over the river and through the woods. She would have the whole family over for summer barbecues growing up.

Amongst the 30 grandkids running around feeding horses and playing hide and go seek there were always to things at each party. Homemade rootbeer (that is another story) and crisp lemonade. Once adults were busy preparing the rest of the dinner, I would sneek a paper cup under the lemonade jug.

Sitting back watching the chaos with a cold lemonade was my way of enjoying the summer evening in the country.

fresh ice cold lemonade printable art

Here is a quick download for your own lemonade summer printable. Place it on an entry table for a cheerful welcome, or somewhere in your kitchen to add bright yellow to your summer day!

farmhouse printable for lemons