Sunscreen- check, swimsuit- check, travel size everything- check! Is it me or does your packing list grow, the more you travel? I really do try to take less each time, but then, we always need what I didn’t bring. Like that time, I thought my kids didn’t need “extra” clothes, one outfit a day would be enough… my daughter when through three outfits, just to get to our destination.

Car sickness is a curse in our family…so the list grows on.

Mostly we travel to southern Utah for hiking and camping trips. Southern California coast is favorite as well. With my 4 kids, clothes, food, tents, camel packs, boogie boards, and all the gear inbetween. We kind of look like this VW van. Filled to the brim.

After hours of packing, and even longer time of driving we LOVE every minute of it. I don’t know what it is about breaking out of the monotony of daily schedules, but it is makes me smile. My kids are like birds, free from the cage. They waste all their energy each day, sleep deeply each night to the sound of crickets, and do it all again the next day.

trips take people

I love this quote about trips taking you. I have learned so much on our adventures, that I feel like my planning and preparing had nothing to do with the reason for our trip. The trip needed to teach us, and remind us of what life is about. Family my friends.

As you get ready for summer, I hope you find these printables a fun spot in your summer home decor. It was really fun dreaming up my summer plans while painting them. Where do your trips take you?

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