Who doesn’t love a hedgehog?  I love them because they remind me of someone.

Someone prickly..

a little cranky..

and adorable.

Hedgehogs remind me of my kids!  Boy they can be so prickly sometimes and just mad at the world!  When their day has been hard they lash out, scream and just seem on edge.  But then there are the times when they are so sweet, adorable and they just make me smile.

Do you have anyone like that in your life?

hedghog printable decor

If so, then these printable are for you.  These quotes and images remind me that though they might be prickly and pokey on the outside, they can calm down and curl up into one of the most adorable little creatures!   I love the statement “everyone regardless of his or her decisions deserves our kindness,” from Elder Niel L. Andersen.  Put away the judgement and just love these people!

fall woods printable

I also made another printable the focuses on loving those sometimes prickly people.  “He who loveth God, loveth his brother also”.  This is a great scripture in 1 John 4:21.  If we love God, then we will treat his children with love, out of respect to God.  When I have a hard person in my life, I like to remember this scripture.

And what is a hedghog without all his forest friends?

This quote sums up this life folks.  We are here to evolve.  To change.

Jesus Christ is not only the one who asks and challenges us to do so, he is the only way we can complete this change.  To fully change our thoughts and dispositions we need to turn to him.

Challenge accepted!

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