This month is one of my favorites! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds a world-wide conference where we get to hear talks from our leaders. These talks are always so uplifting and rejuvenating. My family gathers around the tv with popcorn, treats, and cozy blankets, and listens to the conference.

Pres. Nelson gave a great a talk about the importance of families and temples.

Our prophet talked about his last words with his daughters, before she passed away. He talked about firefighters who were working in California this last year fighting the wild fires, wondering if their family was safe. He used this metaphor, to illustrate the importance of working for our families to be safe, and together again.

We obviously can’t and shouldn’t control others, even our kids. They have their own choices. But as parents, we can teach and testify. The importance of our role to teach is summed up in this quote, “Exaltation is a family matter.”

Our prophet continues, to remind us that we wouldn’t settle for second best, in our day to day activities. Why would you not take time to study and make an effort to make your faith the best you can?

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This printable features the Provo City Center temple. I love the unique architecture of this building, and the inside is even more beautiful!

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