Spring is here… at least in my mind.

I am done with winter. No longer is it winter with some nice days, it is spring with a few cold days. At least that is what I tell myself.

With spring, there is Easter, and thinking of this upcoming holiday warms my freezing toes. Today I planned on painting something for Easter, and this cute baby chick is who I spend my morning with.

painting Easter quote

A great talk to get you in the mood of Easter is The Gift of Grace, by Elder Uchtdorf.

Elder Uchtdorf passionately reminds us of the love of our Savior and the love of our God who sent him for us. He teaches that this love is, is the grace of God. Details of what grace is and how it works is beautifully explained.

Grace lifts us up and helps us access the blessing of strength and power. He simple states, “His grace helps us become our best selves.” Because of Christ ressurection on Easter, grace is available to all. What a life altering gift!

Easter is the day that changed Everything!

Nephi illustrates this wonderful Easter gift given by God, as a new life. A new life that delivers us from physical and spiritual death, and gives us a chance to repent and become new.

It reminds me of the great apostle, Paul, later named Saul. He completely changed his life, once he felt Christ’s love and softened his heart. I love that!

home decor printable

When Easter eggs are painted, and baby birds, and chicks are decorated in our homes, it reminds us that through Christ, we can be new. We can increase our patience, give up the hate, forget the revenge, and stop comparing ourselves to others. The new life he has for us is so much better!

easter home decor art

If you’d like a reminder of these, please download your copy below. I hope you all have a very wonderful Easter.