This October The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had a general conference.  This is where we get to hear uplifting, encouraging talks given by our leaders.  Cinnamon rolls, pajamas and snuggling my kids all day makes it one of our favorite weekends of the year.

This fall was so uplifting afterwards I felt like I was on a varsity team ready for the homecoming game- it’s go time! Here are some of my favorite quotes from this October General Conference.  Share your favorite quotes in the comments!

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“The good you do people will often forget, do good anyway!”  This quote hit me like a brick when Sister Joy Jones said it.

Often we want a thank you, a nice comment, some sort of validation when I serve others or do something good…especially if that something is done each day, laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, driving the kids around.  But we don’t have to worry if others will appreciate our efforts, God does.

In her talk, For Him, Joy Jones talks about how we serve God, we love him, and that is why we do all the good we do each day and each week.  Oh I just loved it and will be listening to it many more times!

This quote will stand proudly in my home reminding me that even though people forget what I do for them, I can do the good anyway- for Him!

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This next quote is from Elder Eyrings talk, Try, Try, Try  This talk was another encouraging message that reminded us that not only has Christ experienced what we are going through, but that he knows us personally.  He shared a sweet story about his wife, who softly sang the primary song “Love one another” with him, focusing on the words “Try to show kindness in all that you do, try try try.”  Elder Eyring testified that he will carry you through your trials, as you “try.”

“He knows your name, as you know his.  He knows your troubles.  He has experienced them.”  I want this quote hung up in all my kids rooms.  What a great reminder that we are all loved!

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The last wreath quote is one from Elder Holland’s talk “The Ministry of Reconciliation”  .   You have to listen to this one.  After Elder Hollands, loving direct instruction he encourages us to forgive, forget and heal old woundes.  “I ask us to be peacemakers,  to love peace, to seek peace, to create peace, to cherish peace.”   If we all remembered this one line, how much better would our lives be?  How would our actions affect others?

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