Merry Christmas Y’all!  It is that time of the year and I am so excited!  Christmas is all things good.  We turn our hearts to Christ and try to be better.  We reflect on what we have been given, and are inspired to give back.  I hope you enjoy Christmas this year and are able to focus on the simplicity of that night.

No one noted the decor of the stable, or the size of the gifts given.  There were no formal invitations sent, games or entertainment planned.  It was a family reflecting on the love God has for them.  They stopped the busy life of taxes and journeys, to just feel God’s love. watercolor painted camel

I really wanted to paint a camel, all adored to carry a wiseman.  No doubt he worked hard on the long journey.  It didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped, but they reached the babe eventually.  They searched and searched and then they found.  I love how this camel brings in other colors besides the traditional green and red.  I used EVERY color I have in my box of paints.  The multiple colors add JOY and excitement to the picture, don’t you think?


We have seen the star! Christmas printable featuring camel

Have you ever read the book The Other Wiseman? It tells the story of a fourth wise man, who set out on the same journey but had some stops along the way, it is a Christmas favorite of mine and worth your precious time in this busy season.

Christmas camel printable! Easy home decor Ideas

There are a few printables available for you to download in the blue box below, as well as the clipart camel so you could make a personal printable.   I hope you enjoy your personal journey towards Christ and his love this holiday season.

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