General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was this month…it was amazing.  If you ever want to sit on the couch, eat your favorite snacks, in your comfortable clothes, and be uplifted, encouraged and ready to be the best you possible- watch General Conference.  The talks this fall were so inspiring.  I loved Sis. Joy D. Jones talk For Him.  I have already made a few printables from her talk, because it has so many great messages.  I loved how she clearly said, we do what we do for God.  We don’t do it for the praise of others, for any validation at all- because in reality people will not notice, the world will not notice, but God will.

Sis. Jones pointed out that serving others is easiest when we think of God as our motivator.  We serve others, by loving God and wanting to be like Him.  Then loving others and serving them is easier.

She related a story about dropping off chocolate chip cookies to neighbors and trying to be friends with them.  The cookies were accepted, but not the friendship right away.  As she thought of her love for God, and that she would continue to serve because she loved Him, then the service she gave was more genuine and accepted.

home decor printable

When I made this printable, it caught my kids attention quickly, “why are there cookies on that?”   It was a simple way to teach them about the talk Sis. Jones gave at the conference.

LDS quotes cookies

Chocolate cookies are an American tradition and one of the most popular cookies made.  So I made some tags you can print off and add to your next batch, as you share them with someone sweet in your life.

Yes, I ate one, or two , I needed the bite to be perfect right?  Here is to one clean corner of my kitchen!

chocolate chip cookie tag

In the download, you will also find a bonus image “Be the Chocolate Chip.”  It is a great printable nod to the book written by Jen Brewer, who tells the tale of the chocolate chip, that didn’t melt under peer pressure and heat but stayed sweet.  I have heard this mentioned in many YM or YW lessons, so feel free to add this printable to your lesson!


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