chickadee watercolor art

It is spring people! SPRING!! Technically I have 2 more days, but who is counting?? I have so missed the warmth of the sun, the singing of birds and buzzing of bees.

I seriously need to think about moving somewhere warmer, Arizona sounds wonderful right now. Maybe Texas. However, if I never had the cold winter, would I even care that it was spring? When it reaches 50 degrees outside, would I almost cry out of joy like I do now? I don’t think so. We need the negative to recognize the positive. We need to feel the fear, to feel the brave.

Speaking of brave, have you ever had seen or heard a chickadee. I love when these little mountain birds wake me up in the early morning with their familiar chicka- dee dee dee call. These birds are small little balls of feisty feathers.

They are the ultimate winter bird, surviving the cold months, by storing foods in various locations, and drinking water from the ends of icicles.

They are also super brave. If you have a bird feeder, and let them know you are friendly. Chickadees will come right up to a person and eat from their hand, unlike any other bird!

These birds reminded me of a great talk given my Elder Eyring in 2017 General Conference. You can hear or read the talk here. He talks about how when we recognize God’s hand in our lives, we have be fearless in living our full potential and doing good in the world.

they become fearless

I loved this quote: “Because they have no doubt, he watches over them, they become fearless” Elder Eyring gives beautiful examples of people who serve others and live Christlike, showing great courage.

When I have thought of fear, it really is a lack of faith. I feel fear often. It is my annoying friend who keeps popping by. I give it the hints, that I’m not interested, and it leaves for a time, but always returns. I am overcoming my past life of being a worrier, and with that I have to let go of the “what if” and the “but it might”s and show more faith. Faith in myself, and God’s plan for me, his plan for my kids. That faith is the antidote of fear.

faith is the antidote for fear

These words were spoken by Pres. Nelson in a talk given 4 years ago, Let Your Faith Show.

He points out that each day our faith can grow, by small acts. Faith is safe, is it powerful, it is the way to peace, and it is found in Christ. When we have faith, we don’t need to worry about the “ifs” and the trials in life. We can feel safe in what comes our way, powerful and hopeful for the future and have peace.

Spring is like the warmth of faith that shines through, a cold fearful winter.

I hope you enjoy these printables in your home this spring! Click the image below for your free download.