Hey guys, here I am doing my first blog post!   I am so excited to bring free printables that hopefully inspire you and also make decorating your home fast and easy.  Everyone loves succulents lately, and I do too.  But cactus is still king in my book.

Cacti are becoming increasingly popular in home decor trends.  I wanted to paint cactus prints, not because of their popularity, but because of what they stand for. These simple and unique plants symbolize endurance and perseverance when life gets rough.

home decor printable summer

“Keep growing, heaven is cheering you on” is a classic quote from the ever encouraging Elder Holland, an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   Life is messy and hard. Mix together our own imperfections, negative thinking and mistakes we make as humans, and life can be overwhelming.

Thus enters the cacti, symbol of enduring! Listen to this talk when you are having a hard day, and remember like this little cactus, you have unseen angels cheering you on!  Keep growing little cactus!

Elder Neil L. Andersen gave a wonderful talk titled: Faith is not by Chance but by Choice   Faith is such a big discussion topic amongst all Christians.  How do we strengthen our faith? How do we make it grow? These questions and more are answered as Elder Andersen gives examples of people who demonstrated the characteristics of a disciple of Jesus Christ by acting in faith.

Cactus grow so slowly, it is very much like faith.  We don’t always see the growth, but by the daily small actions we take, we are choosing to grow and endure.

charity lds quote home decor

As we grow we learn amazing life lessons, and one of those lessons is to withhold judgment.  You can probably think of one person in your life that is a challenge to love.  But guess what- you really can love them and it has nothing to do with what they say or do.  It is all about how you choose to think about them.  It requires effort and endurance, withholding judgment is one of the greatest forms of christian charity.

I love this quote from Jean B. Bingham.  She talked in the October 2016 General Conference, about how we can look at others with an inaccurate view.  We often see their flaws, in contrast, God’s charitable eyes see potential. What a great reminder to not judge, but to show more love, and humbly recognize we don’t understand everything about them.  You can listen to her complete talk here.

I hope you enjoy these printables.  You can download them here for free.

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