Eight years ago my life changed forever.

I was in Chicago on a business trip with my husband, staying at the Regency Hilton…write that down Regency Hilton- not to be confused with the other Hilton across the street.

I saw the bean, shopped the magnificent mile, rode the ferris wheel and almost died then I when in the glass elevator at the Sears Tower…but none of these were my favorite chicago memory.

The chef called his creation ” Blueberry Pecan Pancakes”

I had the honor of devouring this delicious morsel of heaven eight years ago. …I still crave that meal. Breakfast at the Regency Hilton hotel was the highlight moment in Chicago.

The toasted Pecans, the cinnamon in the pancakes, the mountains of juicy plump blueberries…can not be duplicated. I have tried. When I got home I attempted to make that breakfast so many times, but I am pretty sure they put some drug in the syrup that makes you crazy addicted because MAN they were good!

And so eight years later I am haunted by the pancakes I crave for, but nothing really hits the mark. So of course as I reminisced, I painted.

all you need is love and pancakes

Do any of you have a great pancake recipe? I have made the homemade once, egg whites beat and all, kodiak cakes, and don’t even get me started on sourdough pancakes…to die for! What is your favorite? My mom used to always make sourdough pancakes.

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Most mornings I am trying to get my kids off to school with substance in their bellies, I throw protein powder here, spinach in that. My kids are not amused.

My mom on the other hand made us delishous homemade sourdough pancakes, with extra sugar on the side. Cinnamon rolls, German pancakes (which are actually yorkshire puddings covered in maple syrup), waffles with their assorted shapes and size…of course we had a mickey mouse one…these are what I grew up on.

I loved it!

Every now and then, I throw caution to the wind and bake up a sweet storm. My inner Mary Berry comes out and it is cakes baking in the oven, donuts frying, and of course pancakes sizzling on the pan. So what if my kids eat white flour, covered in butter and sugar for breakfast?

It tastes like love.

My kids love these mornings, and really appreciate the sweet treat. I know I sure loved it when my Mom baked up sweet breakfasts for me.

Moms do so much, and it is all because of love. Every folded shirt, every carpool drive, even pancakes flipped. It is because we love these little people and that makes me love all the work I GET to do for them.

a love that is unlike any other, LDS quote with delishous pancake painting, all free!
Quote from Sis. Marjorie Pay Hinckley

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